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MesaBoogie OT's

9/17/1998 2:31 PM
MesaBoogie OT's
Is there anywhere I can get MesaBoogie output transformers? I've been told that in order to get anything from Mesa for repair you had to buy plus send them the OT for replacement. I'm building a boogie clone and would like to have something very similiar. I assume they make their own? I'm looking into making a Mark series clone. Anyway, Does anyone have any recommendations for OT's for boogie sound.  
9/17/1998 3:26 PM
John Spina

E-mail my buddy Tien at,and get more info about your situation.He is a great guy and very helpful and knowledgeable on anything regarding the Mesa product.JOHN
9/18/1998 1:12 AM

Why use a Mesa boogie OT at all?  
There are so many other superb choices out there.  
Tell us what tubes in final, what class and what speaker loads you want Brian.  
9/18/1998 5:51 AM

"Why use a Mesa boogie OT at all? "
Maybe he wants the Simul-Class option (it requires extra taps on the primary).  
9/18/1998 9:36 AM

The Simul-Class option is/was the idea. I would like to build a Mark IIC+ clone (power only) or something similiar (Boogie Tone). I only have the schematic for the 60/100 watt version, but I'm still searching for a Simul-class (any help?). The class A part runs at, I think, 10-15 Watts, right?  
9/18/1998 10:04 AM

The Simul-Class scheme is in the Tube Amp  
Book, ver 4.1 as published by Groove Tubes.  
I don't have a scanner, or I'd send you  
a copy, but the book's worth owning anyways  
for the many schematics it contains. (and  
great pix of old amps too!)  
... Whit
9/18/1998 11:27 AM

Contact Doug Hoffman and see what he has to offer or, our buddy right here... Stephen D.  
How's those sausage fingers Stephen?  
By the way, you don't have to use a multitap OT to get a cool output sound.  
You can use a lower voltage PT and a build a four tube final with a 6V6GTA or EL84 in parallel with an EL34, or 6L6 on each side of the OT.  
Run the 6V6s or EL84 in class A self biased or...?  
One tube on each side can be biased different (or switched in and out) then the other tube on the same side for some pretty fun effects. etc.  
The OT match is pretty flexible in reality.  

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