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Speaker Glue?

8/26/1998 4:17 AM
Bryan Holden
Speaker Glue?
What type of glue should be used to repair the seal attached to the metal ring of the speaker  
B. Holden
8/26/1998 5:34 PM

Are you referring to the cardboard "gasket" on the front side, with notches around the perimeter for bolt hole clearance?  
If so, any aliphatic resin glue, elmer's white glue or the cream-colored carpenter's wood glue will work well. No specialty adhesive is required here.
8/31/1998 3:35 PM
No I'm referring to the part where the paper is conected to the metal ring.
8/31/1998 7:49 PM

Sorry, but I'm just not following your description.  
When you say "metal ring", unless you're speaking of the perimeter of the frame, or basket, where the outer edge of the cone is attached to it, I'm lost.  
Can you supply a little more detail? Also, what size and type speaker are you trying to repair?  
Musical instrument speakers typically have a cone which is attached directly to the frame, or with maybe a polymer-treated cloth surround.  
Are your speakers for a home music system or car stereo? These speaker types usually have a ring of polymer foam (surround) bridging between the cone and the frame. If this foam is deteriorated or craked, the damage is non-reversible. New foam surrounds must be installed.
9/7/1998 3:15 PM
Bryan Holden
from your discription it would be the basket which is were a polymer treated cloth is. It is lifted up at the joint were it would attach to the frame. The speaker is a sound city speaker made for dallas arbiter ltd. This speaker came out of an old P.A. I think. However I've rebuild a small cabinet the size of a fender champ for the one speaker and I'm driving it through a classic 50 head for guitar.  
Also when I look at the speaker from the back ( where the magnet is) when I hold it in the light I can see some transparant spots at the outer part of the cone. Obviously this neads to be re foamed....still what glue would be used?  
Is this better?  
Sorry if I sound illiterate when it comes to speakers...I mean I always thought the come was the little dome in the center. But thats supose to be a dust cap, am I right.
9/12/1998 1:21 AM

I have used neoprene wet suit repair cement for many years to repair tears and beef up thin surrounds on m.i. speakers.. sometimes I will make a patch out of thin black paper to back up the repair, or use a clear cement called aquaseal which can replace missing areas of the cone..For repairing the surround one must be sure the repaired area is just as thin and flexible like it was originally..
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