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AC-30 Homebrew

6/24/1998 1:40 AM
Jim Britton
AC-30 Homebrew
I am, with much help from my little brother, scratch-building an AC30. I've got the chassis done, sockets, and trannies, but now I'm stopped. I could really use some help getting together a complete parts list and a  
schematic that I can read. It also would be nice to be able to acquire these parts from one source who is familiar with the AC30. Any suggestions? Thanks!
6/24/1998 6:44 AM
Preben Hansen
About schems. there are some here at Ampage. In the forum Guitar amps generally there is a thread about AC-30. In this thread there is a link to a site in Finland, where you can se the complete schem for a AC-30.  
Here i Denmark, you cat get all the parts i electronics shops, exept for the output tranny.  
About the output tranny, maybe some of the tube-gurus can advic you.  
6/24/1998 10:58 AM
Check out for AC30 trannies. That schematic in the previous thread is a very good one for a top boosted AC30, check it out.
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