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Center tap fil winding for rect.

4/30/1998 8:15 AM
Center tap fil winding for rect.
Ok I'm real new to this.  
This is my first project, I'm currently wiring the filiments, my power trans (hammond), has a center taped fil winding for the 5v tube rect. Do I(1) use this somewhere? or do I (2) only use the outsides, and grnd the ctr tap, or (3) use the outsides and tape off the ctr tap as no contact? I'm going to use a 5u4 as the rect.  
4/30/1998 1:31 PM
You would probabbly want to go with your third option. Connect the 5VAC wires to your 5U4 tube, and then just tape the center tap off.  
The only time I can think to use the center tap is if you want to use it for 2.5V filaments such as a 2A3 or others....  
4/30/1998 1:34 PM

Ignore that center tap, just tape the end and tuck out of the way. It's used in some applications with antique directly heated filament tubes requiring a 5-volt supply. They use the center tap with a cathode resistor for minimum hum.  
Just use the two outer leads and connect to pins 2 & 8 of the 5U4 socket.
5/1/1998 7:30 AM
Thanks for the help!!!  
I'm sure I'll need more as this thing comes together!
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