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Princeton Reverb II - no standby?!

3/16/1998 8:29 PM
Pat F Princeton Reverb II - no standby?!
I got in a Princeton Reverb II from a guy to fix the reverb and do a general tune up. This is my first Reverb II, and I'm looking around for a standby. Nothing. This amp has a solid state rectifier, and there is no standby switch! Is this my imagination? Was Fender trying to save 50 cents by leaving this off? What gives? Is there some magical configuration here I don't know about that eliminates the need for a standby switch? I have a wiring diagram for it but no schematic, but the diagram is pretty straight forward. I don't see anything special there.  
I want to put one in, but will wait till he gets back in town because I don't want to put holes in his chassis without his permission. I don't think this fits into to highly collectable fender category, does it? Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that.  
Also, he has Mesa 6V6's in it with little rating tags like Groove Tubes have. They have that gray inner coating and look like they are possibly Chinese or Russian. Anyone know for sure?  
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3/17/1998 7:52 AM
Steve M.

There is, in fact, no standby switch on this amp. There are no standby switches on the Deluxe Reverb II or the Super Champ, which are in this series of Paul Rivera designed amps. There probably is no standby switch on the Champ II, either. When I had my Super Champ, I removed the on/off switch and replaced it with a switch that I got from a guy who had an ad in Vintage Guitar magazine. Down was off, middle was standby with the heaters on, and all the way up applied the B+. It was a pretty cool idea, but the switch was pricey and it was a C&K mini toggle.  
Hope this helps,  
3/17/1998 5:56 PM

Hey Pat,  
WhenI send you all those CTS pots I'll throw in one of the DPDT center off switches Steve is talking about.  
This is like the VOX AC-15 I think...  
Anyhow it is a great idea Steve has and means you won't have to drill a new hole in the back or steal a space like I suggested.  
Good one Steve! I'm impressed.  
How is your little amp project coming along?  
3/17/1998 6:49 PM
Pat F
Thanks Bruce. I was going to chase around tomorrow looking for one. You saved me the trouble.  
3/18/1998 8:21 AM
Steve M.

Hi Bruce,  
>Anyhow it is a great idea Steve has and means you >won't have to drill a new hole in the back or steal a >space like I suggested.  
>Good one Steve! I'm impressed.  
I wish I could claim credit for this, but I can't. A guy named Richard White advertised this in Vintage Guitar about 2 years ago when I had a non-standby Super Champ. It worked pretty well, although the switch was kinda small. The toggle lever was the same size, however.  
>How is your little amp project coming along?  
Which one? :) I've got several going on all at once, so I'm having problems focusing on one :)  
I still need to get a few chasses from you, though.  
3/18/1998 8:55 AM

OK Steve.  
The hedphone tube amp amp project!  
I still have a dozen of those small aluminum chassis you were looking at and we can punch the holes in it then.  
By the way, I bought 100 more of the RUBY 7025STRS, so I have some extra ones again.  
We can knock out that Champ clone circuit board for you too.  
I'm ready to start making those ChampPrinceton amps.  
Call me at the shop some time  
3/17/1998 6:54 PM
Pat F
Steve - thanks for the heads up. I'll quit looking under the chassis for it now :). I guess I just find it hard to believe they would leave that off! It's kind of a cool amp, like a little Boogie. In fact, it has an EV12 diecast frame speaker in it.  

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