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parallel vs. series/parallel

11/6/1997 1:41 PM
David Axt
parallel vs. series/parallel
I am considering replacing my four 32 ohm speakers that are wired in parallel (8 ohm total load) with four 8 ohm speakers wired in series/parallel (8 ohm total load)  
The reason for the change is that 32 ohm speakers are a b**ch to find.  
Would their be any sonic difference? Loudness? Tone? (I know that different speakers sound different but does the wiring affect anything?)  
11/6/1997 3:26 PM

No difference in loudness, if each speaker sees the same voltages/currents, which they would. There will probably be a difference in tone since each speaker in a series setup "sees" the other speaker as series impedance, and is less damped by the amplifier, so the equivalent damping factor goes down, making for a looser bass.
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