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Re: (2)6V6 Class'A' Champ

10/4/1997 5:32 PM
Re: (2)6V6 Class'A' Champ
I've often wondered what the implications would be of using a phase splitter to drive two Champ style output sections into to separate speakers. One speaker would get the positve cycle of the signal and the other would get the negative cycle. Any thoughts on this?  
Steve Milberger
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10/4/1997 8:21 PM

Damn..You're right. Both PTs go through the 220K resister to ground. But why are there 2 different grid stoppers?  
10/4/1997 8:32 PM
Mike T

I'm on a very limited budget. Like inventory. I think SF Fender Princeton and Champ PTs are the same. I have the original PT for this Champ. Could I parralel them for each OT and tube?  
10/6/1997 5:11 AM
Dave Harris

If they are identical then you can parallel them. I am not sure what you mean by "for each OT and tube"
10/6/1997 9:02 AM
Mike Tremante

They are very close to identical, but the Mojo is slightly bigger. For each OT and tube I meant parallel the secondaries on the output jack, as the primaries go to the plates of each power tube respectively.  
10/12/1997 9:23 PM
Mike T

I used it today at practice for about 6 hours. I used a fan on the PT, the original Champ PT, and it kept cool. The amp has worked fine, no problem since I blew out one of the used 6V6s I had in there originally. I'm also using a 5AR4.  
The PT was real hot on Friday, when I used it for about 3 hours, and I thought I'd have to cut the chassis for a Deluxe PT, but it looks like it's going to work this way.  

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