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Re: Preamp-Plate & Cathode Resistors

9/26/1997 3:45 AM
Mike H
Re: Preamp-Plate & Cathode Resistors
Many thanks for that explanation: this point has had me baffled for a while!
9/26/1997 4:55 PM
M Pawlak

Your explanations seem to reference to 12AX7 tubes (correct me if I'm wrong. What I would like to know how to apply this to an octal tube (specificly a 6SC7). I want to use this for my first gain stage at input. Since this tube has approx. the same characteristics as a 12AX7 but slightly lower amplification factor. Problem is both triodes share a common cathode. On a standard Fender preamp how would you configure for this. I'm trying to use the stock Fender config and using an 820 ohm (25uf) for the shared cathode.
9/25/1997 10:25 AM

There is a detailed explanation of the effects of changing these resistors in "The Ultimate Tone" by Kevin O'Connor.

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