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6L6/6V6 Swap

9/4/1997 11:16 PM
Bob K.
6L6/6V6 Swap
I have a '83 Fender Concert running two 6L6's for 60watts output. If I change the bias and plate voltage can I replace the 6L6's with 6V6's? What will it do the the tone and output? Can I still use the original output transformer? Thanks.
9/5/1997 5:47 PM
There was a brief discussion of this  
topic on this BBS not too long ago - the  
question was whether the tubes can safely  
be swapped without modding the amp, as  
Kevin O'Connor suggests. (Check out his  
comments re: this substitution on London  
Power's FAQ page)  
Most respondents indicated it might work with  
NOS tubes, but would probably fry the newer  
Chinese stuff. There was some discussion of  
dropping the plate voltage with zeners, to  
get it more into the range needed for 6V6s.  
O'Connor says up to 450V is pretty safe -  
others aren't so confident.  
This topic also pops up occasionally on  
alt.guitar.amps, where it has been pretty  
much beaten to death. You might take a look.  
An easier, switchable alternative might be  
to wire the existing power tubes in  
pseudo-triode mode if power reduction is  
what you're after.

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