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CAD/CAE PC software

9/2/1997 12:07 PM
Steve Keay
CAD/CAE PC software
Could anyone please point me to a good  
design software for our tube amp  
addictions ???  
This pencil is getting real old real  
fast. I searched the web but the only  
one I came up with was Smart Draw  
and there must be something out there  
with tube templates so I don't have to  
create my own...  
Thanks in advance.  
Steve K
9/5/1997 4:30 PM

Steve, Are you looking for software with symbols so you can pick em and paste em? Quite awhile ago I was searching for software where you can design and simulate circuits. There are several on the web. Don't remember exactly at the moment. Seems I would need a math coprocessor for the simulation part. But I did mess with putting circuits together, nothing completed, just experimenting. Let me know if this is the type thing you're looking for and I'll check my notes and bookmarks. Meanwhile try finding in "electronic software" category. Terry

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