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Re: How to mount 100 watt resistors?

9/2/1997 10:57 AM
Re: How to mount 100 watt resistors?
I still haven't had a chance to look at the "power soak" which used circuit board mounted ceramic BFR's. I looked at a Marshall Power Brake however and noticed that it had the metal housed chassis mount types. Which are available through Mouser. The 50W 5% resistors are around $4.00 and the 100W 5% resistors are about $15.00. Check page 182 of the Mouser catalog. If you need 1% check page 172 those are slightly more expensive and only go to 50W.
9/2/1997 8:20 PM

Well, I used a method that will probably get some jeers... but hey, I can always redo it. I ended up using a pair of self stick tie-wrap guides for each resistor, and a HD tie-wrap. Seems to solve the shock problem. Now, I melt the tie wrap, or I may melt the glue, but we use these outdoors to tie RG58 cable to siding, and they don't unstick. I kinda wanted to start testing things, and have so much going on at the shop, it seems like a quick expediant. I did fire it up with a 60 watt amp full bore into one of the resistors. It got warm, but not all THAT hot. I figured it all to run 100watts in to 4 ohms. I can't see me using anything bigger than that.

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