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Re: Power Attenuator

9/2/1997 10:14 AM
Dave Charneski
Re: Power Attenuator
I have several patents in digital electronics  
filed through the Eastman Kodak Company and,  
as a result, have a fair amount of experience  
dealing with the patent process and the  
Kodak patent attorneys. It has been my  
experience that you don't have to change very  
much at all in a design that is considered  
"prior art" in order to be granted a patent.  
Also, keep in mind that patents (and the  
exclusive rights they imply) are only valid for  
17 years. Therefore, there is (and was) nothing  
stopping Mr. Pittman from using 40 or 50 year  
old prior art as a "springboard" for his own  
invention. The Japanese have been doing this  
with American technology since the end of WWII!  
The VCR and SLR cameras are excellent examples  
of this.  
However, Mr. Pittman's patents DO prevent US from  
copying his design exactly and going into  
production with it, unless, of course, he  
officially licenses the technology to us.  

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