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Re: Heat question

9/2/1997 9:00 AM
Dave Charneski
Re: Heat question
Interesting comments! I have noticed the  
same thing with my Fender Tone-Master that  
your friend has. Certain amps, it seems,  
sound much fuller and harmonically complex  
after being played fairly hard for about  
20-30 minutes. I experienced this phenomenon  
when I tried out the Tone-Master in the music  
store. I CLEARLY hear the same thing happen  
at every rehearsal/gig with my band. The amp  
seems to just blossom after the chassis gets  
almost too hot to touch. CHECK THIS OUT! I was  
browsing not long ago in a music store and I  
happened to stumble across an Owner's Manual  
for one of the Matchless amps that were on  
display. Guess what? It stated in black and  
white that their amps sound much better after  
getting hot (which required about 20 minutes  
of playing). No kidding!  
There's some other (circumstantial) evidence  
for this phenomenon. On the back of my Tone-  
Master, there's a statement that reads  
something like:  
"CAUTION: Amp chassis gets very hot!"  
Why wouldn't Fender just put in a fan to cool  
this thing down and/or lower the bias on the  
tubes and/or redesign the cabinet to allow more  
air flow? I suspect it's because they've  
noticed the same phenomenon.  
In fact, I have been trying, without much  
luck so far, to contact Bruce Zinky (the  
designer of the Tone-Master) to find out what  
his design intent was regarding heat  
accumulation and tube biasing. Any advice  
would be truly appreciated. Thanks.  
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