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Help fixing Regulated PS

8/29/1997 2:38 PM
Steve M.
Help fixing Regulated PS
I picked up an old Heathkit regulated power supply unit so that I could experiment with different amp circuits without having to build a PS for every project. The problem is that I bought it "as is" and it is putting out low voltage for the B+. It should be around 400v, but only puts out about 120v. The filament and bias voltages are fine. It had two Daystrom labled RCA 6L6GCs, a 6BH6, two 0A3s, and a 6X4. I replaced all of these with known good tubes and replaced all the electrolytic caps. I don't have a schematic for it, so I'm flying blind here. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this up and running? How 'bout a source for a schematic.  
8/29/1997 3:17 PM
Steve Morrison

I clipped this from the tech support page at" TARGET="_top">Heathkit Educational Systems:  
"Manuals are available for many of our old Heathkit products for a nominal fee. To inquire, please have the exact model number ready and call 616-925-5899."  
Check" TARGET="_top">The Heathkit Virtual Museum for other sources and the Heathkit LISTSERV.
9/2/1997 10:59 AM
Steve M

Thanks for the info on Heathkit. I'll call the number and try to get a schematic/manual for my PS.  
Steve M.
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