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Re: which tube amp book?

8/29/1997 7:17 AM
J Epstein
Re: which tube amp book?
Terry -  
Thanks for the detailed info on the Darr book- as far as I know it is now out of print, though!  
Re : Radiotron : I have one, and I agree with what Bill Bolton said above - if you need it, it's in there, but it's not sugarcoated or distilled.  
8/29/1997 6:42 PM

I've heard so much good about the Radiotron book that I'm going to order one real soon. I only know of one source that has them and that is Angela Instruments. Between $100 - $200 for a copy of the 4th edition, depending on condition. I'm real curious to see what an old timer has to say about amps. I've got several books in my little library, pick em up at ham fests, thrift stores, where ever. I'm ready for some heavier reading. Do you or anyone know where I can find shematic for old tube compressors and equalizers? Haven't found one yet myself. Terry
9/2/1997 7:02 AM
J Epstein

Terry :  
Do a Deja News search on the RDH first - there was one for sale on a few days ago. It's gone by now (I don't know this for a fact, however, they never last more than a couple of hours if the price is OK.) but there's always a chance, plus you may find one in another newsgroup - is the name (I think) of another newsgroup with tubeheads in it.  
Also post a Wanted To Buy message.  
You'll probably save 30-50 bucks this way but it may take a couple of weeks til one shows up.  
This is what worked for me, anyway.  

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