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Re: 5150 preamp1/29/2005 1:30 PMGuitar Amps:
Mods & Tweaks
n00b needs help: want to lower V to tube plates4/7/2005 11:02 AMGuitar Amps:
Mods & Tweaks
yba-1 master volume mod9/8/2005 6:58 PMGuitar Amps:
Mods & Tweaks
Re: yba-1 master volume mod9/10/2005 8:25 AMGuitar Amps:
Mods & Tweaks
Lafayette KT-92? i think?5/2/2005 12:55 PMGuitar Amps:
Repair & Maintenance
Re: Lafayette KT-92? i think?5/2/2005 1:45 PMGuitar Amps:
Repair & Maintenance
Sovtek Mig 50 Bias3/8/2006 3:28 PMGuitar Amps:
Repair & Maintenance
Re: Sound of strap locks thru amp ?1/21/2005 2:11 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Tech
no subject1/21/2005 2:18 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Tech
(?) removing tremolo posts1/21/2005 2:25 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Tech
Lollar pickup book7/27/2005 1:05 AMGuitar Tech:
Pickup Makers
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