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Re: Noise on recordings

5/5/2006 11:17 AM
HummerRe: Noise on recordings
Tha J-station kicks the POD out the water...Ditto Vox ToneLab. Don't be fooled by the Kidney! But its all good for the price...20 years ago even half the features were unobtainiumesque personified.  
Noiseless designs aren't in the studio. Noisegates take time to set up right, and studio time costs money. They really come into play at band practice. My band has two strats and a j-bass and the hum just used to rip. Going noiseless has certainly reduced stress levels. When the singer says "stop", the room is silent. Bliss. Then the drummer starts doing a stupid fill for no good reason and I groan.  
I wear a dummy coil in my pubic hair and just plug the back of the strat into my underpants. If you are a Ginge, even your partner may not notice, unless you use Plain Enamel.

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