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Re: Has anyone tried bondable magnet wire?

4/19/2006 11:03 AM
David King
Re: Has anyone tried bondable magnet wire?
Potting in epoxy is a pretty common system, Lane Poor used a vacuum oven. Most of the others don't seem to worry about air or feedback, they just pour w/out wax. Lastly these cats here can hear all kinds of detail in a guitar pickup at 149 dB. Bass pickups are a totally different animal, you are going way overboard worrying about losing treble to wax. Get a pickup that sounds good first then pot it which whatever comes to hand. Wax takes a few $ and an old saucepan, a used vacuum oven on Ebay is going to run more in shipping than it costs to buy (assuming you have a vacuum pump already)... Worry about getting a good sounding pickup first, that's a huge job.

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