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Re: Hotter wind on screw coil

4/5/2006 6:22 PM
HummerRe: Hotter wind on screw coil
Hum is not a function of the DCR, or even ACR. Hum is a function of  
a) coil geometry  
b) number of turns  
c) loading of conductive material  
The screw side and the slug side have very difference coil loading - matching the DCR is just not enough.  
Hence, assymetrical pickups such as Duncan JB's hum like hell, while symetrical designs like Larry Dim's stuff and Bill Lawrence are perfectly quiet. Even a quick search of the Duncan forum will comfirm Seymour's most ardent fans have noticed this.  
Winding a perfectly noiseless assymetrical bucker has become something of a lifetime goal for Seymour (although I think he's given up now!). thats why you see some JB models that have coils that are 10-15% apart in DCR. Often customers assume this is bad QC , but it is an attempt at hum-cancellation.  
Hope you get this now. My English is awful

Luijo Last time I checked it was Larry Di... -- 4/6/2006 1:54 AM