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Re: So, what are my chances?

4/4/2006 5:20 AM
Re: So, what are my chances?
"Yep, thats the beauty of it, if you dont like it, cut it off and try again. Trial and error ;)" first 12 attempts... and the waste can ...and surrounding floor looked like a barbershop!Looked like thier was some huge hairy animals in the can! lol.............hah! :) When you cut one up(to start over) you'll laugh seeing that debaucle in the can...remembering I said so. it off the spool like it tells you..(rolling the spool can cause stretching of the'll need to rig it up on a rod or something level with your work about 4 ' back, in a straight line with your work.......then makesure thiers nothing to snag on...(ie: comb in the pocket, truckers wallet, your chair,the table edge, the wall lol etc...I have tape all over the side of my chair :) ) Now the thing bout every assmbly is a little different in sise...and you may want to make your guides adjustable. Make sure your rod is can scrape the coating off the wires....and short out later.

micen2 sumbudy tel mee mi spelshek ... -- 4/4/2006 5:23 AM