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Re: Who's Buying 'Em--?

9/30/2005 3:25 PM
Jeff G.
Re: Who's Buying 'Em--?
"Ummm you said, (back up a few posts) that your friend couldn't articulate why his guitar tone sucked and he could't describe why your rewind was any better. And you couldn't figure out how to tailor your pickup to satisfy a player's requests. Well, that takes experience and then you CAN. When I get a player who can't seem to communicate above third grade level then I have to work harder. You ask them what tone in what song kills them for good tone, so you go find that song and listen to it. Then you wind using your knowledge to get that tone. That takes a long time to achieve the ability to tailor a coil to do what you want it to do; and there are certain things you just have to guess at and some players ask you to do the impossible, like they want really bright searing tone thats really FAT. Huh? thats like asking for a really good tasting beer made by Budweiser, the two aren't something that goes together. Sometimes a player is such a poor communicator all you can do is send them your best shot and if they don't like it give them their money back no questions asked. I always offer a second chance rewind or exchange but almost never have to go that route. If you can't design a coil to nail a certain tone you probably shouldn't be taking money for your work is all I gotta say until you figure this stuff out, and none of it is in books, you just have to do it and burn alot of wire and listen and play for hours and hours and hours until you figure out that if you do "this" then "that" will happen. Tiny changes in wire choices, magnets, coil size all can make huge differences in results which can be maddening if you don't keep your eye on the ball."  
---END QUOTE---  
Since I didn't say that at all, I'll assume it was simply an oversight on your part - in your haste to reply - to not cite as such, and there was no other intent to not placing your reply appropriately.  
Also, since you're simply stating the obvious, there's not much point in continuing down this hijacked path. Assuming the mantle of the all-knowing is a sign of many things, if not distasteful when used chiefly at the expense of others. One rarely sees such exuberant responses to questions on methods to achieve the lofty levels of tone in which some seem to feel they are alone.  
My opinion ...  
Have fun. I'm out of this burg.