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Re: Who's Buying 'Em--?

9/29/2005 9:42 PM
Jeff G.
Re: Who's Buying 'Em--?
I focus on humbuckers and the odd pair of P-90s. For the most part, my orders seem to cover a pretty broad age range from young to not so young (just shipped a pair yesterday to a kid who's father paid for them). Probably because I mainly build humbuckers, the larger percentage seem to be folks with Les Pauls or Les Paul clones. These folks seem to be constantly in the hunt for "Page tone" or "Clapton Tone", etc., and are tired of the standard off the shelf fare. Maybe 30 percent don't mention a player at all, just characteristics they want and 10 to 15 percent want some sort of "high output" design, which can be a challenge for me since I'm not always familiar with the newer bands they mention. I try to accomodate them all instead of focusing on only a couple of winds or models, so sometimes I ship them with my fingers crossed hoping I hit the mark for them.  
One common theme seems to be users with fairly decent gear, for the most part. These are folks that are in love with a particular tone - normally what would be considered "classic" or "vintage" - and understand that it takes a certain setup to get it that goes beyond the pickups alone. Probably more gearhead players than gigging players, which is fine with me since even those personal moments of pleasure are worth it if I can provide it. Even though EVH is mentioned quite often, I think Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton (Cream era) are probably the most often mentioned players.  
Also, even the professional players that I've worked with are looking for a decent break on the price of pickups. If nothing else, they place orders for multiple pairs feeling they can experiment more with a decent price point. Fortunately, I don't depend on pickup winding to feed my family so I keep the price in the "I'm doing it because I love it" range. YMMV.  

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