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Re: Follow-up - civil discourse-long

5/5/2005 9:30 AM
Doug HRe: Follow-up - civil discourse-long
Perhaps the thing that should be disturbing you is that someone got arrested for exercising their right of free speech, Pat. News flash: freedom of speech is a -right- in a free society.  
But we don't live in a free society. Our government operates under a system of checks and balances, but there is no balance of power. The conservatives have control of the executive and legislative branches, and are openly gunning for the judicial branch as well. Without a balance of power, our government does not function in the way it was intended.  
So people naturally feel frustrated and powerless to change anything, except to march to the new conservative agenda. If you don't toe the line or agree with the agenda, you are left out. Our govt does not do many things right. However, one thing it usually does do very well is allow one side to check the other, to keep us all from driving off of the road and over the cliff. Well, get ready to fasten your seat belt, Pat. There is no public debate, no pushing or pulling over the issues. It's "my way or the highway" time. And this is just the way the Bush camp wants it. This is *the agenda*. Our only hope right now is that there are a few sane conservatives who don't agree with *the agenda* and are starting to fight it.  
So come down off of your high-horse, Pat. Instead of worrying about crossing "t's" or dotting "i's" or whether someone said a dirty word, you should focus on the meat of the real issues at hand. In the future, if there is still a semblance of a democracy left after GW is finished with it, the penduluum will eventually swing back and the Democrats will be in power again. Think about what the erosion of your personal freedoms will mean then, Pat.  

MBSetzer *On the other hand, Nixon got us ou... -- 5/5/2005 11:11 AM