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Re: Interesting post-election map analysis

11/16/2004 11:45 PM
Re: Interesting post-election map analysis
I find the whole red vs. blue map argument to be irrelevent as this site demonstrated.  
The simpleton maps in the media have not accounted for population density, which looking at the vote tallies has shown that the country is relatively evenly divided. One side does not have a clear, overwhelming, sweeping mandate.  
No other president has won a second term by such a small margin. In historical terms, while Bush won, he essentially won solely because the voters were less enthusiastic about Bush's opponent.  
The debate can rage on about the campaign tactics employeed, but in the end many people made their decision based on emotion rather than reason. This was the goal of the Bush campaign; to deflect from reason and fact while pandering to the emotionalism of the uninformed electorate.  
Had Houston, Cleveland or Atlanta been hit instead of New York on 9/11, perhaps the bible belt wouldn't possess such blind faith in their governments ability and effort to protect them. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Bush has been sucessful in tharwting any further terrorist attacks. A very good argument has been advanced that Bush had the opportunity to stop an attack and failed on 9/11. Now Bush is rewarding his failure of a national security adviser with a promotion to secretary of state. Incompetence will be rewarded.  
Ashcroft's department of justice apprehended 5,000 suspects, yet what was their conviction rate? Ben Franklin said "Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom and security for safety deserve neither."  
Not one single repub has been able to answer one simple question: What is wrong with being a liberal?

Dave H [QUOTE]What is wrong with being a l... -- 11/17/2004 3:37 AM