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Re: a good editorial, IMHO..

12/31/2005 8:06 AM
Re: a good editorial, IMHO..
The guys at SONY Might be *saying: "How did THAT get in there?"...'How come I didn't see that?".  
OR...could TRULY be *THINKING 'how did that get in there?" It could be a 5' Spy or a 'flea' in someones hair.  
"You can rest assured that computers are completely safe, as they always have been". [lol]..The windows system used at your home is as secure as the windows system used to tally national votes..  
Maybe they just had a lapse of security for a moment...  
Seems like there could be big money involved in this kind of stuff...very alluring to the 'less moral/more greedy' in the crowd...  
'If it can happen, it will happen', at least that's what I've been thinking and saying.