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Re: Truss rod adjusting: with or without string tension?

12/25/2005 12:01 AM
Re: Truss rod adjusting: with or without string tension?
If you don't want to break the truss rod or strip the allen drive, when it's real hard to turn [shouldn't be that tight but...]'s what you 'can' do...loosen the strings AND pull the neck back so as to reduce the tension, and make the nut very Easy to turn. Otherwise turning the nut is Ok...  
Wood settles, I read in a read I consider authoritative on guitar repair [Dan Erlewine Guitar Repair Method Book], player/repairers should closely monitor neck movement but sighting and playing the neck over a period of up to two weeks after rod adjust. Super tight is very rarely necessary, over long periods, 'soon' after new, naturally, it should loosen slightly...a couple times probably.  
Try to keep it close to 'target' zone, but adjust/see what that does, try 'the other way a bit'/see what that does is the way they should be used...but only by an experienced  
Take it to the music store and dude'll give you a free, sudden, unanounced, 'torqueing'...oh...thanks...  
I'd think you would be able to get that guitar to play like a dream, sometimes you just have to work with them a little bit.  
'I've seen more stable lasagna that the neck on this thing'. G&L...I'd do the bend the neck check for flex, ones I've seen looked PDStraight and solid, I can't imagine the neck is moving around like that.  
If you let a note ring while bending the guitar and neck [open string, you grab and pull on the neck] do you notice the note bending much...I do this to see how 'flexible' or stable a neck/neck joint/guitar is.  
It could be string movement or sticking through or on the bridge or nut causeing tuning probs.  
Sometimes the string will 'twank' when it goes out of tune, slipping quickly from one friction point to another, you may be able to feel this with amp off, putting your finger over the the string at bridge crossing and tightening/loosening that string, then try the finger on the string at the nut, graphite can be used for a sticky nut.  
Also the whammy springs can be adjusted, I'm not a Strat Bridge specialist.