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Truss rod adjusting: with or without string tension?

12/24/2005 12:14 PM
Jim Cooper
Truss rod adjusting: with or without string tension?
I just got my new G&L ASAT semi hollow the first of this month. I custom ordered it and it is one of the most beautiful things to look at I ever saw. Trouble is, it looks a lot better than it plays! I've seen more stable lasagna that the neck on this thing. Every time I pick it up it is out of tune, and not just a little...a lot! I took a good look at everything and found that some of the adjustment posts on the individual bridges were not even contacting the base of the bridge plate. There is a screw that squeezes them all together after all the intonation and height is done, and it was tightened up before any of that was done. Got that fixed but still it went out of tune quick. I thought the neck might still be setteling, so I gave the neck adjust rod a tiny tweek just to see if it had any tension in it. I only gave it about an eighth of a turn just to see if it was loose, and it seemed OK. then I restrung it and picked it up the next day to check it. Way out of wack again! The dealer told me that the correct way to adjust the truss rod is with string tension ON the neck not OFF like I'd heard somewhere before. It made sense to me to not strain the adjusting threads by not pulling against the string tension too. The dealer said NO, you have to balance the tension act so you know where you are coming from and how far you need to go. I always thought it took a couple of days for the wood to react and settle in from any adjustment like that. What do you guys think that have had a lot of adjustment or building experience think about this? This isn't my best playing guitar (yet) but it is my most expensive investment so far and I really want to love this thing before i get a sour taste for it being a lemon.

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