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The horror of 9/11

11/11/2005 9:48 AM
Steve A.
The horror of 9/11
    I really mean no offense to your aunt, but I found the real horror of 9/11 being our government's kneejerk reaction to the terrorism. Yes, I feel bad about the 3000 people who died, but I also feel bad about the people who have been incarcerated without a trial or any idea why they are being held.  
    I feel bad about our government's decision that pain and torture is acceptable for our prisoners. Thank god for John McCain and his bill to outlaw such measures because:  
#1. the prisoners will say anything to stop the torture, so the intelligence gathered is very questionable.  
#2. what comes around goes around, and when our soldiers are captured the enemy will have no excuse to not torture them.  
    Being able to laugh about something that once was very painful can be a sign that healing has taken place.  
Steve Ahola

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