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Re: God made the JCM800

10/7/2005 6:04 PM
Doug HRe: God made the JCM800
Just to stay on the amp topic, if that's possible at this point...  
I plugged into a JCM800 recently at an amp fest and I agree with Frank's assessment. It's a great sounding amp- period. It took me back to the late 70's when I was in a band and my buddies (who could afford them while I couldn't) were buying marshall master-volume heads. I got to play through them a lot back then and they were fine sounding amps.  
At the fest I also got to hear some early-70's 100W super leads dimed with no attenuator. Even though impractical at that volume level, that was the holy-grail tone for me for sure. But there was nothing wrong with the JCM800- nothing at all. I got to play through some newer amps that were supposed to be great, that sounded like dogs to me. Harsh, difficult to dial in, etc. The list goes on... I won't name names because I don't want to sling mud and it's all just opinions anyway. But like the three bears, the JCM800 was "just right". The freq response was right were it should have been and it was super easy to dial in good tones.  
I don't put much stock into "old vs. new" amps either. In fact I thought the Heritage Colonial was one of the best sounding amps at the show, right on par with those old Marshalls. But I just wanted to put in a good word for the much-maligned Marshall master volume amp. It's really a great amp.