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Re: Remember when...

10/5/2005 12:37 PM
Doug HRe: Remember when...
"The guitarists in Big Brother weren't considered to be that good by the professional musicians around back then. Most of the SF Acid Rock bands were folkies who went electric, and whose chops weren't up to the standards of the guys who had been playing in rock bands for years- like Quicksilver, Moby Grape and Sons of Champlin (whose members had played in r&b bands, not rock bands)."
Well, I realize this is probably extremely politically incorrect and inappropriate to mention at this juncture, but...  
Generally speaking I absolutely could not stand the SF "acid rock psychedelic" bands and their ilk.;);) AFAIC, Syd and the boys over in England had it all over those guys when it came to what I considered "true" (haha) psychedelia. I mean, when in that mood, I would much rather hear atonal washes of feedback (done in a beautiful way) than lame-ass attempts at noodling/stumbling through blues with too much reverb, by people that just got their first electric guitar.;) I mean, if you can't play guitar, make beautiful noise with it!  
Having said that, I agree that Moby Grape and Quicksilver were not really the same thing- and they were great. (I still really love "Mona", what a great tune!)  
Donning the asbestos suit now...;)