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Re: Props to John Mayer

5/15/2005 12:57 PM
Steve A.
Re: Props to John Mayer
pete said:  
Here's one simple difference...JH, AFAIK didn't listen to recordings of anything that sounded like JH prior to his own, everyone else did.  
    That's true enough for his rock playing, but his blues playing owed much to Albert Collins, et al. The BBC have two versions of "Driving South" which sounds a lot like AC to me.  
    Here's an interesting story about "Hey Joe":  
I recently read the notes to Love's self-titled debut album and it mentions the Leaves getting a copy of the lyrics off of Johnny Echols of Love. Byran Maclean (of Love) was close friend of The Byrds and that was where he got the lyrics from. But since Echols suspected they were going to release it as a song before Love he changed the lyrics in the copy he gave them, and this modified copy is what the Leaves and others like Jimi Hendrix used. Hence the Leaves and Jimi sing "hey joe where you goin' with that gun in your hand" as opposed to "hey joe where you goin' with that money in your hand" which is what Love used and is in the copy of Billy Roberts lyric sheet on your site (why would you be going with a gun to buy a gun??). Love were going to release it as their single but because the Leaves got there first so they didn't  
Steve Ahola