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Re: Props to John Mayer

5/15/2005 9:57 AM
Re: Props to John Mayer
Chemistry in the cards'  
IMO, JH, and the early crew, in his 'career' could at some points produce a vibe that was 'psycicly tuned in' sounding, a chemistry very rarely obtained, any group 'could do that, and do, to one extent or the other.  
Ex. Element: Feedback from the 'audience' [this includes Everyone who hears the music including players/engineers]. At that time, there was a wealth of 'new tonal' information in the music to think about and sort out [big tube amp/speaker, the FF, Univibe etc.], so the novelty and excitement levels appear very high to many of us.  
It has a sound like 'working within a framework that can fly'.  
..nailing down most or all of the 'this's and that's may make for a 'better' production or individual performance in some technical respects, but will always tend to sound more 'rigid' and have a diminished 'flow of thought' contained in the recording.  
I read that JH was known for bringing the band into the studio, setting up, turning the 8 track on, playing for hours then doing a little remixing, adding a few tracks, and that would be the finished album.  
I contrast, most bands prepare for recording by nailing most of the material down.  
Alot of the information [IMHO] on JH recordings is in the tonal content. A 'new pallete of tones was being used, many of the 'colors' were new at that know how exhilerating it is to know that what you are learning about is 'new'?  
This information has been represented in similar forms by many subsequent players, the natural tendency for any semi-guitar-learned listener is to make reference 'it sounds like Hendrix'...and rightfully so !...IMHO.  
Here's one simple difference...JH, AFAIK didn't listen to recordings of anything that sounded like JH prior to his own, everyone else did.

Steve A. pete said: -- 5/15/2005 12:57 PM