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Re: Danelectro dc 59

3/31/2005 6:38 AM
JamesRe: Danelectro dc 59
Thank you very much for your responce. I'm sorry to say I NEED HELP! I think I've messed up things too much and need to start from scratch. Let me see if I've got a couple of things straight so far. The pickups are wired somehow in series and the outer positions on the three position switch ground out one of the two pickups.  
The lower pot lugs corrispond to the volumes and the upper pot lugs (nearest the pickgaurd)are for the tone controls  
Is this what you discribed?  
1)amp/jack in------>top/side lug of the switch  
(lug closest to inner edge of pickguard)  
2)same top/side lug of the switch(closest to inner edge of pick guard)------>center lug (wiper) of volume pot for neck pickup  
3)center lug of switch----->outer lug of volume pot for neck pickup  
4)same outer lug of volume pot for neck pickup-----  
------>neck pickup tone cap  
5)neck pickup tone cap----->?to where??  
6)opposite side of volume pot for neck pickup---------->ground  
7)bottom/opposite side lug of the switch(lug closest to outer edge of pickguard)------>ground  
8)tab on the side of the switch------>ground  
I hope I've got that much right so far. I did the numbering thing so it will be easier to correct me.  
I still need how to hook up the pickups them selves, the bridge pickup volume pot, and the two tone control pots. I realize this is kind of a tall order but any help is much apprieciated.  
Thanks again