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Re: Marshall 100watt transformer

12/20/2004 2:21 PM
JohanRe: Marshall 100watt transformer
ok..I think I figured it out...  
I am a little pusseled by the result but the internal voltages now sits much closer to what i expect (460volt instead of 510...)so here are the collors if anyone else needs them..  
common: Orange  
110volt: orange (???)  
120volt: red  
200volt: green  
225volt: blue  
250volt: purple  
I got the voltages from an old schematic dated 1/3/69 but the schematic didnt give the collors.  
the two orange wires is what confuses me..doesnt seem right..but then, they might have got discollored through the years.  
hope this can be usefull for someone..  

anonymous in the... -- 12/21/2004 7:11 AM