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Yamaha YTA 95

3/29/2006 5:25 PM
LeeYamaha YTA 95
I've just aquired this amp in a non-working condition. It's a 100w(?) solid state 2x12 combo from the late 70's/early 8o's. I plugged it in and got a loud continous hum (this is unaffected by changing settings/turning pots etc). The guy I got it from said it's been in a cupboard for years. He said the last time it was working it just cut out and never worked again. This is all I know about the amp and after hours and hours of internet searches, I have found zero info on this model. Can anyone shed any light on what may be the problem or how to go about diagnosing it? Any info at all about this amp would be gratefully received. Many Thanks.

Enzo You can probably buy the service ma... -- 3/29/2006 6:52 PM