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More Cap Questions ? Samwha

11/19/2005 8:57 AM
More Cap Questions ? Samwha
I was reading Adams thread below looking for some answers to mainly filter cap questions. I'm seeing these Samwha caps in almost all of the newer amps that use to use the Nichcon LQ series. Bruce stated that he hadn't seen many problems and I've had a few but not many either. I have had some bulging tops in some 450v 100uf ones. Just wanted to see how you guys think they compare to other caps out there. I'm seeing the Samwha in almost all newer Marshall's, Ampeg SVT Classic and Pro 2 Series and many more amps. The little 100uf 450 v PCB mount seems to be the standard for HV supplies now. What do you guys use to replace these with and what effects of an 85 degree cap under a 105 degree have ? I'm thinking a big order of these is coming but would also like to consider a 105 degree cap in my climate. If you had to rate em by manufacturor how would you have them ?,  

Enzo Remember that is 85 degrees CENTIGR... -- 11/20/2005 12:37 PM