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Re: hot tubes, I mean really hot

8/12/2005 8:31 AM
Re: hot tubes, I mean really hot
I will go ahead and replace those caps because Im still getting only about -29 volts at the control and when I test for bias current, its still pretty high. I will also have to check out my eq cause thats acting up, but as soon as its ready to go I will definitely post a follow up.  
Also I agree, it is pretty confusing to distinguish mu from 'n' sometimes in TUT. Thanks Bruce. However I did find at least one error and a couple discrepancies in TUT3. When looking at the Plexi or 800 schems and layouts, the chematics list 22nanofarad capacitors in the schematic, but 100nanofarad caps in the layout. And I cannot remember on the plexi, but on the 800 schematic the bias filter caps are drawn correct, with + to ground, while on the layout, they are drawn the opposite way, with - to ground.  
Thanks again to everyone for your input.