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Re: hot tubes, I mean really hot

8/11/2005 12:22 AM
Re: hot tubes, I mean really hot
Thanks for your reply. I made a startling discovery and revealed some stupidity on my part. Big time. I have a grounding switch, and itís a dpdt. Well To make a long story short, it wasnít wired right, so my circuit never reached chassis ground. I fixed this, but still got the same problem. Small voltage at the Control Grid. I checked all capacitors, and they are in correct polarity. I noticed a discrepancy between the parts layout and schematic that I am using. One lists 100nF caps for the bias circuit, and the other lists 22nF. I will pick up the 100nF caps tomorrow and see if this changes anything, but I thought I would ask your opinion on the matter. Also, is it possible that I have ruined my capacitors, bias and otherwise, with the previous grounding problem?  
Thanks for your help.  

JC I believe it is uF (microFarads)...... -- 8/11/2005 9:53 AM