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Re: Bias Marshall TSL60 combo

7/26/2005 6:01 PM
Jack Collins
Re: Bias Marshall TSL60 combo
Yep. You'll lose the highs when your power tubes wear out.  
5 years is a long time for EL34's. I'd say you'll  
definitely notice a tone improvement by installing new ones.  
As far as the biasing procedure goes I grabbed this from Dr. Tubes Website:  
"The EL34 tubes are biassed at 40mA each. To adjust the bias, turn the bias pot (PR1 22k) so that the voltage between pins 1 and 2 of CON2 (BIAS) measure 80mV (= 80mA over 1)"  
Of course you're going to need a digital multimeter to do this.  
I'd recommend you try some of the new JJecc803s in your preamp. I have em in my Rivera and love em.  
IMHO, Sovtek 12ax7 have just about the deadest tone of any tube of that type. They are rugged though.

Pete Thanks! -- 7/28/2005 6:51 PM