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Re: current draw, ss

4/29/2005 2:29 PM
johanRe: current draw, ss
I dont know that amp, but...  
if you disconnect the mosfets, there is a way you can test them that most tech's are not aware of..  
just using a regular ohm meter...unfortunatly, they need to be out of the circuit...locate the gate. just by touching the gate with one probe while holding the other probe on either the source or drain, you should be able to open or close the feild ( mesure the ohm between drain and source )and swaping the probes ( one is positive the other negative ) you reverse the process. this way you can open and close a funktioning FET/MOSFET. if the drain/source junction is open ( shorted )all the time, after you revesed the probes a few times, it's most likely busted.( if it stays closed at all times, the units on/off voltage just might be higher than what the ohmmeter send out..)  
from you description though, I would look att the driver transitors.. if you dont want to remove the mosfets while mesuring, just lift all the emmiter resistors. that way no current can be pulled through current, no heat, no burn... fun working on high powered solid state amps..good luck..  

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