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Carvin Tube 100 o/p trans

9/3/2004 8:43 PM
Carvin Tube 100 o/p trans
I have a Carvin Tube 100 (Rack mount dual 50 watts pwr amp) with one o/p transformer with an internal short.  
The original part No is 15-02056 and am currently  
waiting on a reply via local agent from carvin re price and availability and if a TS 100 transformer will fit.  
Does any one know of a "smallish" transformer with with two mounting flanges for two bolts that would fit in the rack case with 16,8 and 4 ohm tappings?  
Physically it looks very similar to a peavey o/p trans. but I guess most peavey replacements would not have the 16 ohm tapping.  
I 'spose the only other alternative is to have it rewound as there is the other channel to at least get the dc resistance from.  
Would this be interleaved as the readings are different on the primary or is it just a gen purpose trans thats not that higher quality?  
Any help appreciated as I would like to get it back to the owner who has only just bought it only to have it stuff up.  
Am in Australia.  
Cheers Pete

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