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Orange glow on power tube plates?

5/1/2004 6:04 PM
anonymousOrange glow on power tube plates?
I recently bought a matched pair of JAN Phillips 6V6's for my SF Princeton Reverb from the I've been using the amp for a few weeks, & today I happened to look at the back of the amp, & noticed that they both have a slight orange glow on the plates. (see attached photo link) As a test I cranked the amp up to 7, played a few power chords, & noticed as I did, the orange would fade. While the amp idled, the orange glow returned. During my normal playing volume, between 2 & 3, I see no difference at all. As another check, I put in the old tubes, & they didn't have the orange glow like these did.  
Should I be concerned? Could it be a bias issue?  

Wild Bill Steve, it almost certainly is a bia... -- 5/1/2004 6:29 PM
AngelBoy You described a classic problem wit... -- 5/10/2004 1:56 AM