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Gibson GA-19RVT noisey reverb fix / schem?

2/4/2005 8:40 AM
Alex Kurylak
Gibson GA-19RVT noisey reverb fix / schem?
Hi, I just got my hands on a mid '60's Gibson GA-19RVT Falcon and the reverb is extremely noisey. If I switch the reverb out, this amp is extremely quiet. Does anyone have any ideas on how to quiet this? Schematic here:  
Looking at the schematic (which is actually the older model, I couldn't find mine which has the 6c4 reverb driver) it appears that the reverb control is more of a "dwell", not "mix" (first 2M pot after V1). Would moving the pot after the reverb recovery tube, but before the coupling cap help? I would directly connect the 2nd V1 right after the 1st V1 stage's coupling cap. My thoughts are that now at lower reverb settings, the noise won't come though as much to the output. Right now, at any reverb setting it's super noisey. Would this work, or am I missing something?  
This mod seems pretty simple and it would be easily reversable. I don't want to mess with the amp TOO much.  
Is there anything else I can do to help? I've already retubed it.  
Thanks a lot,  

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