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Re: making 50w marshall sound like a 100watt?

12/22/2004 7:20 AM
johanRe: making 50w marshall sound like a 100watt?
so you think the differens in sound comes from the output transformer and the extra B+-filtering?  
the 100watter I have, desperatly need new filtercaps but still sound cleaner and more focused than the 50watter that has all new caps ( two months old )so I guess the OT's is a possibility  
I allready have the gridstopers and the screengrid resistors in it. so i geuss I just have to try with the feedback  
do you have any ideas about the capacitive loading with the extra tubes in a 100w as oposed to a 50w? is it to small to make any difference you think? I was thinking of adding something like 20pF from the grids to ground  
my old 100w has 465volt B+ and the 50w has 470volt so they are not far apart there..  
..I just like the stiffer, cleaner feel and sound of the 100w unit, and all the 100watters I've owned has had that sound ...there was a time when 100watt Marshall were both cheap and plentifull here in sweden...those where the days...( sigh..)  

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