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making 50w marshall sound like a 100watt?

12/21/2004 2:13 PM
Johanmaking 50w marshall sound like a 100watt?
hello all  
I have owned many Marshalls through the years and just now realized I allways liked the 100watters more than the 50watters but always ended up with the 50watters becouse they are less loud..  
I allways thought the 100's sounded more solid and a little cleaner than the 50's wich is a little fuzzier to my ears  
looking at the schematic, there really isnt that much differance.  
the 100's get more feedback and the P.I. see more capacitance with 4 powertubes than with two.  
if I just move the feedback wire up from the 4ohm winding to the 8ohm and compensate for the decrease in capacitance by adding a small capasitor from the grids to ground, would that make it sound and feel more like a 100watter or will I just fry something?  
has anyone else tried something like this?  
am I missing something?  
if anyone see a reason this wouldnt work, please stop me before I do something stupid...  

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