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Re: Filiment wiring for Champ

5/5/2004 11:25 PM
Re: Filiment wiring for Champ
Hi, well I did everything step by step. Now the amp will not power up. I noticed that the power tranny has some different wires on it that I don't see on the available schematics. the Primary has black, green/black, yellow/black red/black. black and green/black go to the on switch, yel/blk and red/blk go to ground.  
The secondary has red, red(hi-V) yel, yel (rect.), orange to ground, yel/red to ground, one green to ground and one green to pilot and fils. I wired up the 2 greens to thye fils, but something must need rewiring or do I have to get a different PT?  

steve m Ed,It looks like yo... -- 5/6/2004 8:42 AM