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Re: SVT II rackmount -KT88 -thermal questions

2/19/2006 4:15 PM
Re: SVT II rackmount -KT88 -thermal questions
I've talked to the tech at Ampeg and he told me that the SVT's hate KT-88's but then again I can see where an Amp Co. wouldn't want to support a higher wattage tube for mtbf numbers. The pro II is also a large and heavy monster for a rack mount unit. I wasn't real impressed with the fan either and try taking one apart and cleaning it and putting it back in because it's a pain to line the long screws back up threw the mounting holes. This amp is extremely loud and I think sounds better without the graphic eq although it does add some additional gain if selected. I did a Classic SVT and changed the 6550's to 88's and it seemed to perform better with the 88's and even sounded better. If you crank loud playing live you'll probably like the 88's better as you'll notice a bigger sound not like an SVT with 6550's doesn't have a big sound ;) but it is pretty cool. You can try it and see. Those trannys are big and stout and with three tubes on each side setting the bias colder will also be a balancing act with the hum factor which is quite eratic anyway. Most players crank the bias to high IMO liking the extra gain not realizing what it's doing to their amps. Most of the SVT's I check are always biased really hot. If you can deal with the bias a tad lower for the compromise of heat it may be well worth it for the long haul and longivity of your 88's and amp for that matter.