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using 30watt speaker w/30watt THD amp?

11/5/2005 2:45 PM
Gary Gustinusing 30watt speaker w/30watt THD amp?
Is there any dangers(as far a blowing the speaker) with using, say, a red fang 30 watt rms, or g12h with a dimed out THD bi-valve? I just bought this THD and have a 1x12 open back cabinet ready for something? Any other speaker recommendations? Maybe Cannabis Rex, or Governer? Chain is: Tele w/Dimarzio virtual vinage hot p/u's > tubescreamer for leads > echoplex > THD > ??????. As far as sound I'm looking for- well, something that rocks, but sounds good and reasonably balanced in a 1x12 open back......? With that THD tube swapping ability and all the speaker options now available, I think I'm in for the long haul on the search for tone!  
Uh oh!

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