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Re: Blues Deville Trouble

7/17/2005 8:37 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: Blues Deville Trouble
Just to add my .02 to the (IMO excellent) points R.G. has made... when I first got into guitar amps back in '84, I really knew very little about them. Bit by bit, after being shocked many times, blowing up many parts, amps, etc., and building God knows how many foul-sounding circuits, I decided that maybe I should learn something about amps, and go a little deeper into electronics than the surface-scratch I had made to get my FCC licenses.  
I quickly exhausted the relatively small amount of guitar-amp-specific literature, and then was forced to turn - ever so reluctantly - to the world of tube hi-fi and sound-reinforcement, about which a comparative ocean of info was available. After I began to really understand and internalize this stuff - and it took me years to do - I realized that whatever path to knowledge one took, the end result was... knowledge. If you truly understand how a circuit works, you will be able to then design a circuit that works the way you want it to - as clean as the driven snow, as filthy as trash, or anywhere in between - using any technolog(ies) or combination of same. After that point, it became very hard for me to stomach all the BS you see on the web like "every guitar-amp circuit is and will always be a copy of another", "there's nothing new under the sun", ad nauseum.  
Which brings me to my main point, expanding on R.G.'s comment about the people who come to Ampage and other places to learn more about amps; while I certainly defend your right to say over and over that hi-fi stuff sucks, solid-state stuff sucks, etc., I think you do aspiring amp tweakers/designers a disservice by doing so, by closing their minds to the possibilities afforded by these technologies and the vast bodies of technical material created to advance them, much of which was written by individuals whose gut-level grasp of electronic design would make many guitar-amp designers look positively ill.  
Even if every single hi-fi or solid-state device/amp you ever heard sounded like total crap to you (have you heard them all?), all technologies evolve provided the interest is there to fuel that evolution. The best way to stifle this interest, and thus ensure that better-sounding amps using these technologies are not created, is to continually warn about how lousy they are - since anything repeated often enough will eventually be regarded as reality, and not simply opinion. Saying "tubes are great!" is not the same thing as saying that "everything else chews it".  
Anyway, I'm done ranting ;) and I apologize if I've posted much of this before.  

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