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New band to recommend to all...

4/8/2005 12:25 PM
RegisNew band to recommend to all...
I bought a bunch of new music from the Guitar Nine website last week and need to tell you about one of the bands. If you like Hendrix, Trower, Frank Marino, if you like the sound of a Stratocaster through Univibes and wah-wahs's running into vintage Marshalls, this band is for you.  
They are called Plankton, a band out of Sweden. All instrumental, and not one but TWO guys playing through the above rigs. In fact, their second cd, the one I have, has an early JTM45 on the cover.  
These guys smoke!!! Smooth, articulate melodies, great harmonies, great improvisation, and just rocking out. I would love to be in a band like this.  
I'm not trying to spam but I rarely hear about bands like this and wanted to tell others about it.  
here is a link, you can download clips off the cd to see if you like it:

Mark Lavelle Thanks for the tip - those clips ar... -- 4/11/2005 10:12 AM
Plankton is Plankton fronted by the dude on ... -- 4/12/2005 11:09 AM
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